We love working alongside our clients as they work to strategize and optimize their content for best use.  For many of our projects, usage has been predetermined to suit the campaign’s needs.  But in an increasingly viral world, the content we create has the potential to be viewed by millions, splashed across headlines or featured on Ellen.  This adds another element to crafting client vision.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Different social platforms manage and prioritize content differently… and influencers and creators have caught on.  This era of technology sees headlines and think pieces decrying our ever-shortening attention span; yet, a DIGIDAY article from this July explores how longer content may garner more views and traffic.  In the piece, “Creators are making longer videos to cater to the YouTube algorithm,” author Tim Peterson spoke to YouTube movers and shakers about how they’re maximizing traffic and revenue.  Because the video-streaming platform has rules about which videos can carry advertisements, many uploaders are pushing their content runs from six or seven minutes to upward of 20.

This could be great news for you and your brad, as longer-form videos like narrative storytelling or informative pieces can elicit more of a response from a viewer.

Check out the DIGIDAY article below for more:

Creators are making longer videos to cater to the YouTube algorithm