BD&E Advertising Partnership: Case Study

How Wrecking Crew Media Helped BD&E
Take its Video Capabilities to the Next Level 

Challenges: Finding a creative partner who could meet the growing demand for high-quality video

When BD&E was first introduced to Wrecking Crew Media back in 2015, the world of video was beginning to explode.

More and more marketing was shifting to video, and as a firm specializing in corporate and institutional branding for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, BD&E was in search of a partner who could help them meet this need.

But because their own well-established (and decades-long) brand was focused on deeply authentic branding and exceptional creative, BD&E couldn’t hire just any video production house.

“People want to see video. From TV spots to YouTube bumpers — along with radio spots running on major outlets like Pandora and Spotify — Wrecking Crew Media has helped us increase our video capabilities. Their work is exceptional.”
— Jeffrey Flick
President & CEO, BD&E

BD&E Jeffrey Flick

“We needed a partner that not only had the expertise and capability to create high-quality video and audio content, but one who could deliver it at the next level,” said Jeffrey Flick, BD&E’s President and CEO. “We wanted more than to just have our creative concepts come to life — we wanted a partner who would work to make them better.”

BD&E didn’t need an “order taker” — they needed a video production company who understood the importance of cutting-edge innovation and had the same drive to push the needle as they did.

Solution: A world-class, full-service video production company that’s as collaborative as they are versatile

After receiving a recommendation from one of his newly hired senior designers, Flick approved hiring Wrecking Crew to create a TV campaign for one of the firm’s large college clients.

Flick said that the first project was a home run, and allowed them to see the true value that Wrecking Crew brings to the table with their work.

“Every project they do is very well done,” Flick said. “They bring added value at every stage — at the shoot and at the edit. They see things from a producer standpoint, from a technical standpoint, and from an editing standpoint.”

Following that first project’s success, BD&E continued to send more and more projects Wrecking Crew’s way, including broadcast TV spots, radio for outlets including Spotify and Pandora, and video content for events.

Recently, BD&E hired Wrecking Crew to complete a large project for one of their long-term clients: Henderson Brothers, one the largest independent insurance brokers in the country.

To mark Henderson Brothers’ 125th anniversary, Wrecking Crew created a short film, complete with original music, that premiered at a celebration event held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. They also created several TV and radio spots as part of a larger campaign around the anniversary. 

Flick said he was thrilled with Wrecking Crew’s work, as well as how they partnered together throughout the process.

“Working with Wrecking Crew was very collaborative,” Flick said. “We created the concept for the video and then they took our concept and enhanced it. They handled getting the video production team together, and they even helped us develop the budget so we could tell the client exactly what we could do for them as far as the shoot.”

Flick said BD&E’s partnership with Wrecking Crew has now stretched across years, and their ability to offer high-quality work and effective solutions across a range of budgets is one thing he appreciates most about them.

“Not only are they always great to work with, but they consistently try to work within our budget parameters,” Flick said. “That’s critical for us, especially with our higher education clients, who sometimes don’t have the largest budgets. Wrecking Crew works just as hard with those clients as they do with our clients who have bigger budgets. It’s always a great effort and a great result on all projects.” 

Flick said he also appreciates the values that Wrecking Crew upholds in their business — values that are a perfect match with BD&E’s.

“The quality, integrity, character, and personality of their company and their people — as well as their business ethics — are all a great fit for our firm,” Flick said. “They’re great people you can rely on. In the years we’ve worked with them, they’ve never once let us down. Because of that, we’re doing more and more video with them.”

Results: Increased capacity for video leads to business growth, plus a boost in exposure for clients’ brands as well as their own

Flick said this capability has not only been a huge benefit to the firm’s existing clients, but the work done by Wrecking Crew has also directly helped BD&E land new clients, too.

“We don’t have a sales force,” Flick said. “We get all of our business from referrals. So, when we get an opportunity to show our work, we do. Being able to show the video work we’ve done with Wrecking Crew — and the way we’ve evolved and grown as a company because of the work we’ve done together — has helped us see significant growth since we began our partnership with them.”

With the interest — and the need — for video just growing stronger, Flick’s partnership with Wrecking Crew will only become more valuable. He’s confident that the strategy and innovation they bring to the table will continue to increase BD&E’s capabilities to continue to meet their clients’ needs.

“Wrecking Crew is a great strategic partner for us,” Flick said. “They’re so much more than a production house. They’re great people you can always count on to do great work.”

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