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How Long Should Your Video Be? The Answer May Surprise You

We love working alongside our clients as they work to strategize and optimize their content for best use.  For many of our projects, usage has been predetermined to suit the campaign's needs.  But in an increasingly viral world, the content we create has the potential...

New Client Spotlight

Wrecking Crew Media has long enjoyed lasting relationships with clients. Building their brand, their content and presence. So, the beginning of a new client relationship is one of the most exciting times for us. Recently, WCM began working with Community Life on a...

Our Studio, Our Gallery: Art through the Lens at WCM

Wrecking Crew has always had a love affair with art… it’s in our nature. Creative content is just that; we create and produce it, and we appreciate the work of others doing the same. In the past, WCM has hosted and curated gallery crawls from our previous spaces in...

Creative Content Comes to Aspinwall: WCM and Our New Neighborhood

Wrecking Crew Media moved to Aspinwall in January of 2018 after over a decade-long presence in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Our move brought changes, challenges and new opportunities to create. Our space, previously an optical center, was completed renovated and...


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