Behind the Scenes with Wrecking Crew Media
On location with Wrecking Crew Media

Who is Wrecking Crew Media?

We’re more than just a video production agency. We’re a group of fun-loving, talented, creative people who really love what we do.

Although we call Pittsburgh home, Wrecking Crew Media has partnered with clients all over the world in areas such as health care, sports, non-profits, tech, education, corporate communications, manufacturing, energy, advertising and PR.

Regardless of what industry our clients are focused on, we have the same video philosophy. Our job is to use video storytelling to create content with a purpose that impacts your business or organization.

More than Just Video Production

Our clients benefit from our innovative and creative approach to video production as well as a host of other services, like:

*Motion Graphics and Animation

*Strategy and Concept Planning

*Original Music and Sound Design

We pride ourselves on adapting to each client’s unique needs. If you are new to the world of video production, we can guide your project through all phases of production. For marketing professionals who are looking for the right partner, our team can collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals. Wrecking Crew Media has also successfully partnered with agencies who were looking to expand their capabilities.

Ready to make a video? Let’s talk.

Pittsburgh Studios

Our Pittsburgh Video Production Studios.

Wrecking Crew Media Studios include 4 video editing suites, live production space, full audio production and post facilities and several client meeting areas. In person, virtual or a little of both, Wrecking Crew Media’s team is scalable and capable.

Legendary Wrecking Crew

Inspired by Legends.

The legendary Wrecking Crew. A small group of session musicians who came together to create some of the most iconic music in history. From the Beach Boys, to the Ronettes, Elvis to Sinatra. They were the best of the best. Creative, Efficient, Innovative. Words that have guided Wrecking Crew Media since our founding in 2004.

Agency Partnership

Agency Partnerships

Wrecking Crew Media is focused on creating video and audio content. As an agency partner, we leave the strategy, identity, media buying and other agency work to you. Let us help make your video concept come to life and extend your agency capabilities. Learn more about working together.

Video Production Clients

See what we are up to…

Video Production Blog

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to get the most out of your video production projects, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2004, we’ve been a leader among Pittsburgh video production agencies.

Choosing Music for Your Next Project

Have you ever watched a movie trailer on mute and then again with sound? I’d bet that having the sound ON elicited a much stronger emotional reaction. Why?

Types of Videos to Grow Your Brand

It’s not a secret that people LOVE video. Video elicits an emotional response from the viewer which leads to higher brand recognition and is why consumers can’t get enough video content.

Explainer Videos Explained

There are a variety of options available and choosing the right type of explainer video for your specific goals is critical to the overall success of the video.

Ways to Save On Your Next Video Project

The number one question we get asked is “how can I maximize budget on my video project”?

Wrecking Crew Media is a Pittsburgh video production company offering a full range of pre and post production services.