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Who is Wrecking Crew Media?

We’re more than just a video production agency.

Well, not really.. we only do video. Along with everything involving video, like creative, crewing, casting, post-production.. you get the point.

Our Clients

More than Just Video Production

Our clients benefit from our innovative and creative approach to video production as well as a host of other services, like:

Strategy & Concept Planning

Our full service video production team will work with you from the very beginning. Not sure where to start with a video? Our strategy and concept planning process is collaborative and efficient.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Our commercial and corporate video services include motion graphics and animated videos; we’ve created thousands of videos for our clients, from custom illustrations to kinetic typography.


Original Music & Audio Production Company

Wrecking Crew Media is also an audio production agency, and will work with you on your audio and original music needs.

We pride ourselves on adapting to each client’s unique needs. If you are new to the world of video production, we can guide your project through all phases of production. For marketing professionals who are looking for the right partner, our team can collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals. Wrecking Crew Media has also successfully partnered with agencies who were looking to expand their capabilities.

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