Video, Audio and Creative Services

From concept and planning to filming to editing the final product, we are there from start to finish. Wrecking Crew Media specializes in turn-key production of video for marketing, advertising and events. Our process is scalable and efficient. We create content with a purpose to impact your business.


Every video project starts with building a plan, because after all, a goal without a plan is just a wish. We work with our clients to understand their goals and help choose the right platform. Once a direction is chosen, our team gets to work to craft the messaging of each project to ensure it has the greatest impact.  Detailed research, scripting, concepts and art direction are all part of
our pre-production phase.

Video Production

Wrecking Crew Media specializes in turn-key video productions of all sizes and budgets.  We are completely scalable and efficient.
We plan, cast, scout and shoot.  Direct, produce and crew.  Total production management.  Always keeping the goal
of the project in mind.


Post Production

The editing suite is where all of the hard work of planning and filming comes together. Our post production team works to piece together each story. Whether working with footage or on a full motion graphics piece, we are experienced and highly skilled.

Audio Production

The role of music in any video production project cannot be underestimated. Music transforms the mood of a video dramatically. Wrecking Crew Media offers traditional production services, such as voice over recording, audio post-production, sound design and music library services.

Wrecking Crew Media is also known for creating original music. We create original jingles, underscores, themes and custom sound effects.

Samples of our audio work can be found at


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