3 Stages of Video Production

video production stages

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media. Studies show that video consistently has the highest brand retention, highest engagement rate and tells brand stories better than other mediums. It’s no wonder that everyone is starting to think about adding videos to their marketing mix. The process of creating videos might seem overwhelming, but every video project follows the same 3 stages of video production:
1. Pre-production: the planning stage where ideas are formulated, and a plan is mapped out

2. Production is the phase in which the video is filmed

3. Post-production, which involves editing the video, adding music and other effects.

While that might seem easy, each step of the video production process contains a myriad of tasks. Simplifying it down to 3 main steps does not fully show the true breadth of what goes into the process. As video experts, we are here to help walk you through the video production process so you can watch your story come to life.

Stage 1: Pre-Production

Arguably the most important phase of any video project, the pre-production stage lays down the foundation for the entire project. Important questions to ask during this phase:

  1. Who is your target audience: What do they like, how do they think and what problems do they have that you can solve?
  2. What is the purpose of the video: Every video is different. Some videos are more instructional while others are intended to entertain. Knowing your purpose drives future decisions.
  3. What is your primary message: Ask yourself what action do you want your customers to take after the video?
  4. What type of video approach is needed: There are as many types of videos as there are days in the year. Choosing the right type of video is critical to the success of the project. Learn more about different types of explainer videos as well as different types of videos in our recent blog article.

Once you have the answers to those critical questions, you are ready to create a production summary. This document compiles all the information you have put together and helps keep everyone on the same page. You’re not done yet!

Once you have a production summary, it’s time to build your storyline. The most successful videos are ones that resonate with their audience’s problems and needs. Your storyline should help you determine the video script. Make sure to include important information like ideal locations, props needed and type of background music that you have in mind. The clearer you can be on paper the more likely the team can execute your vision.

The last step of the pre-production stage is to create a film schedule. This should outline the various activities that are needed to complete a video as well as dates, resources and costs for each task.

Stage 2: Production

Production is the stage that most people envision when they start thinking about producing a video. The raw footage is filmed using the script, locations and other elements determined in the pre-production stage. All of the time spend pre-planning now pays off as your video begins to take shape. However, it’s not uncommon that some elements of a video that looked good on paper aren’t coming across the way you hoped.

Having an experienced video team like Wrecking Crew Media is important in these moments when problems arise and new plans need to be made. Video experts also take things into account like shot composition, how to properly frame the shot, lighting, audio and more.

Stage 3: Post-Production

The final stage of video production is where the raw footage captured in production is turned into the final product. There is a true art to post-production. Editors sift through the raw footage and stitch together the storyline. From choosing music to adding effects to correcting lighting and more, a professional post-production team can transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Post-production is the most satisfying step as you begin to see your idea come together.

Wrecking Crew Media: The Video Experts

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