How Does New Technology Impact Video Production?

Technology advancements have impacted every industry and every worker. Video production industry is no exception. The video production industry was born out of the technological achievements of Thomas Edison and his assistant in 1891! Our industry has always required keeping a close eye on the latest technological advancements. Over the last few years, we have seen technology change every step of the video production process, from pre-production to post-production to distribution.

Here is our list of the most notable technology advancements in video production:

Use of Drones

Drone Camera

Drones have turned the film industry upside down- quite literally.  They are being used to capture breathtaking footage and photos without sending a camera operator up for a costly helicopter ride. The types of shots that used to be available only to big budget productions are now available to everyone. The most impressive part about using drones is that they are able to capture footage without giving up anything in the quality department.

The Cloud

There are so many cloud-based tools that enable production teams to collaborate from anywhere and increase productivity. At Wrecking Crew Media, we rely on on cloud sharing solutions that enable fast and secure transfer of footage. Our clients can review their projects from anywhere. This is especially helpful when we film in more remote locations.

Camera Technology

Cameras used to be big, bulky, and difficult to manage. Today’s cameras are lighter and allow for clearer images and shots that were once never thought possible.  Cameras with 4K capabilities are now the industry standard. The knowledge and experience of using these modern cameras can have a direct impact on your project. With that said, there is no perfect camera for all shots. Whether RED, Sony, Cannon or your iPhone, there is a best tool for every job. Experienced video production agencies know which camera to use and how to get the perfect shot.

Video Editing Software

In the beginning of film, there was no editing. A single static camera took one long take. As cameras evolved so did the film editing process. It wasn’t that long ago that film was edited by physically cutting and pasting it together. Film editors spliced film to make their edits, working with copies of negatives and creating workprints.

Today’s non-linear video editing software has become powerful. As a result, it has given talented editors the tools to make magic happen. Editing is still a labor of love though. Software like Adobe Premiere and After Effects have streamlined the process of going from raw footage to seamless stories.

Technology advancements in video production have brought the magic of the movie industry to corporate and commercial projects. We look forward to using these tools and the innovations to come to create amazing work for our clients.

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