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In today’s ever changing business environment, advertisers are looking for ways to support their internal marketing departments across a variety of mediums. Those of us in the advertising business know that there are very few agencies that are truly “one stop shops” that do all forms of advertising to the same caliber. That’s where agency partnerships come into play.

Wrecking Crew Media specializes in video. That’s it. It’s what we are the best at and it’s our sole focus. We are proud to have established agency video partnerships with other creative, marketing and public relations agencies who are then able to create holistic marketing programs for shared clients.

Successful advertising agencies know that choosing the right video production partner is extremely important for many reasons, like deadlines, budget and expertise. Pittsburgh-based Wrecking Crew Media has proven itself to be a valuable asset to agencies looking to bring their ideas to the screens, TV, web, cinema and beyond. We understand how to be part of a team, focus on the goal of the project and do it on time and on budget.

Let’s talk about how Wrecking Crew Media and your agency can partner to bring award-winning video production to your service portfolio.

Samples of Recent Agency Partnerships

Video Agency Partnership Case Study: BD&E

What’s it like to work with WCM? See how a 40+ year advertising legend partnered with Wrecking Crew Media to create next-level video content for their clients.

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    “We needed a partner that not only had the expertise and capability to create high-quality video and audio content, but one who could deliver it at the next level.”

    Jeffrey Flick

    BD&E’s President and CEO

    As an agency that is 100% dedicated to video production, we work side-by-side with select creative agencies, public relations firms and marketing consultants for both B2B and B2C projects. If your agency would like to expand its services to include a video partner, give us a call.

    For Those Who Strive

    Client: BD&E - Edinboro University

    About the Project:

    This TV spot was filmed on location with real students of Edinboro University. They are ready for a challenge, ready to see it through to the very end.

    Shell Polymers and Pittsburgh Steelers Partnership

    Client: Royal Dutch Shell

    About the Project:

    Celebrating the unique relationship between the energy giant Shell and the sports giant Pittsburgh Steelers.