Video for Marketing Professionals

Video for Marketing Professionals

Almost all of the marketing professionals we have met with in the last few years has been tasked with increasing sales, improving brand awareness, and identifying new customers all while being given scarce resources. Marketing departments often turn to hiring an agency partner for their expertise and experience to help meet these demanding challenges.

Finding a true agency partner though often feels a lot like online dating for these marketing professionals. There are lots of agencies that look pretty on the surface, but lack the experience, talent and bandwith to achieve the goals that marketing departments are tasked with achieving consistently.

At Wrecking Crew Media we work with your marketing team to create video content to make an impact. Using your strategy (we can help with that too) and after getting a solid understanding of your audience and your goals, the talented Wrecking Crew Media team will help create video content that gets results.

Your goals might include raising awareness for a cause, educating your audience on a new product or service or communicating with your employees. Whatever the goal, WCM has the knowledge, expertise and experience to create meaningful, impactful content for your business.

The following video marketing examples are from projects big and small and for companies of all sizes.

Video Marketing Case Study: The Frick

What’s it like to work with Wrecking Crew Media. Download our case study about The Frick and find out.

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    As an agency that is 100% dedicated to video production, we work side-by-side with marketing departments of all sizes for both B2B and B2C projects. If your marketing department is looking for an expert video partner, give us a call.

    The Frick Tour

    Client: The Frick Pittsburgh

    About the Project:

    A virtual tour around the Frick Pittsburgh grounds and facilities. Highlighting the historic and the modern.

    Turner Dairy Farm to Bottle

    Client: Turner Dairy

    About the Project:

    Learn how Turner Dairy gets their milk from the family farm to your table. Inspiring story and beautiful images.