Wrecking Crew Media Art

Our Studio, Our Gallery: Art through the Lens at WCM

Wrecking Crew has always had a love affair with art… it’s in our nature. Creative content is just that; we create and produce it, and we appreciate the work of others doing the same. In the past, WCM has hosted and curated gallery crawls from our previous spaces in the Cultural District, taking every opportunity […]

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Aspinwall, PA

Creative Content Comes to Aspinwall: WCM and Our New Neighborhood

Wrecking Crew Media moved to Aspinwall in January of 2018 after over a decade-long presence in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Our move brought changes, challenges and new opportunities to create. Our space, previously an optical center, was completed renovated and customized to fit the WCM aesthetic and brand. And our new neighbors have been so receptive! […]

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