How Long to Produce a Video?

And How Can You Shorten That Time….

If you’ve never produced a video before, you might be wondering how long does it really take to produce a video?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The short answer is it depends.

How long the process takes depends on the complexity and scope of your specific project. By taking the following areas into consideration, you’ll be able to estimate the amount of time your organization will need to create a high-quality, engaging video.

Type of Video

The amount of time it takes to produce a video is heavily dependent on the type of video you select for your project. Wrecking Crew Media has worked with clients to produce documentary style videos to commercials to 30 second animated explainer videos and everything in between. Generally, an average animated video takes 1-2 weeks to produce. An average 5-min video takes 3-4 weeks, from start to finish. This all dependent on client revisions and response!

Level of Complexity

Similar to the type of video chosen, the level of complexity for any project is a factor in the amount of time it will take to complete a video. Custom music, detailed animated characters and production location are some of the factors that would need to be considered when planning a video production timeline.


Huh? What does that mean? YOU are one of the single biggest factors to take into consideration when determining how long a video will take to produce. Your role is key to success, and it all comes down to communication. You know your organization best and what input you’ll need from internal stakeholders. Sometimes that can slow down the timeline by weeks!

We know that changes will be needed—it’s part of the process. The earlier that we can get those changes, the easier it will be to stay on track with the timeline. Communication is also critical. The more you communicate your feedback (both good and bad), the easier it is for the video team to stay on track.


Need a 5 minute video done in 2 weeks? It can certainly be done but remember the common Law of Business Balance: “Good, Fast, Cheap. Choose two.”

As the experts in all things video, Wrecking Crew Media can help guide you through the entire video production process. From determining what type of video is best for your needs to establishing a project timeline, we can help. Visit our recent client work and explore what we can do for you!