JC Carter: Founder of Wrecking Crew Media

Wrecking Crew Media celebrated their 18th anniversary this past month. The real story began much, much earlier.

JC Carter, Founder Wrecking Crew Media

In 7th grade, JC Carter was lucky enough to find his life passion: music. “I played the trumpet in band and my teacher Mr. Kytic gave me a copy of Miles Davis ‘Round About Midnight” to listen to. From then on, I’ve been obsessed with music.” His teacher was a jazz pianist, which led to JC’s lifelong love affair with anything and everything music related, and especially jazz. “You could say I was jazz obsessed,” said JC. From that time period on, JC had a plan for his career.

JC graduated from the very school he set his sights on in 7th grade, the Berklee College of Music. “I wanted to go to Berklee because it was one of the few schools to offer a degree in composing and arranging,” JC explained. “I was always fascinated with how composers work and how they figure out how to write music for every instrument in an orchestra.”

During college, JC found himself writing jingles as a part time job for local car dealerships, restaurants and the occasional corporate client. Turned out he had quite a knack for it. He made a name for himself at Berklee writing and producing original music.

After graduating, he produced radio spots and jingles as an audio engineer/composer. “Most audio engineers don’t compose. It’s a unique skill set to be able to do the full audio, sound design and composition,” said JC.

Wrecking Crew Media Is Born

In 2004, JC decided to branch out on his own and launched Wrecking Crew Media. At that point, the business focused predominately on music and audio post-production. Adding video was the logical next step as the marketing world began to use video more frequently. Jessica Carter joined the team in 2007 and brought her editing and directing skills to the table. This ushered in a whole new chapter for the company.

One of the things that makes Wrecking Crew Media so special is the in-house audio and video capabilities. Although often overlooked, audio makes a huge difference in the overall quality of any video project. From music not being mixed properly to missing sound effects and out of balance voiceovers, audio problems can sink an otherwise quality video. “Having a recording studio in house along with access to all of the most up-to-date audio technology ultimately decreases our client’s costs,” said JC.   While other facilities have to outsource the skills and services they don’t have, Wrecking Crew Media has them all. JC recently handled updating WCM’s entire Pro Tools system hardware and workflow. “Our recent technology updates help keep us ahead of the curve.” said JC. “For us, efficiency is always high on list”.

“I’m really lucky that I’ve been able to spend my career doing something I love. Music is part of me and I get to share that passion with our clients,” said JC.

Samples of JC Carter’s Original Compositions

Pittsburgh Pirates Theme : A New Pirate Generation The Pirates asked me to write a new theme song to accompany the opening of the new PNC park.

Henderson Brothers Theme: Henderson Brothers asked if I would compose a piece of music for a company celebrating 125 years