Choosing Music for Your Next Video Project

Have you ever watched a movie trailer on mute and then again with sound? I’d bet that having the sound ON elicited a much stronger emotional reaction. Why? Music is a universal language and excels at:

  • Creating a mood
  • Eliciting emotions
  • Being memorable
  • Representing your brand

We believe that the right music selection is as critical to a video as the overall concept and the filming, yet it can often be overlooked. When choosing music, there are a few important areas to consider.

What’s the Mood?

When approaching any new video project, one of our first questions is what kind of emotion do we want to invoke with this video? For some clients, the answer is happy go lucky while others are looking for something inspirational or maybe even somber. Ever cried during an ASPCA commercial? They chose music that matches the tone and mood of the images perfectly and creates that powerful pull to help. At Wrecking Crew Media, we work closely with our clients to source or create original music to complement the overall tone and mood of the video.

Using Music Wisely

It’s not enough to just choose a song and place it over your video. There’s much more artistry involved. The start of the music in relation to a scene, the way the voice over lays in the mix. The change of music in the appropriate place, all used to get an emotional response.

Stock Music Library

Stock music libraries serve an important purpose. A very large percentage of music heard in advertising and marketing is sourced from libraries.  When using royalty free music, no one owns the copyright to the music and no royalties must be paid. Closing the right library and having a producer familiar with the options and editing of the tracks can make all the difference.

Custom Music

While stock music can be a great option, there is nothing that really compares to creating original music. Wrecking Crew Media is one of the only video production agencies that offers original music composition services. From themes to jingles, Wrecking Crew Media has the experience to create music that resonates with your target audience and matches the mood and tone of the video exactly.

If you need some help choosing music for your next video project, let’s talk!