Meet Jessica Carter Creative Director/Editor at Wrecking Crew Media

Wrecking Crew Media started off as an audio and music company, primarily composing original
music for clients. That all changed in 2007 when Jessica Carter joined the team and brought her
video editing and directing skills to the table after working in the Miami market as an
editor/director. From then on, Wrecking Crew Media has focused on making impactful, results-
oriented videos

Life as a Creative Director

On any given day, Jessica can be found on location directing a commercial or you might find her
nestled into the video production suite working on those crucial details that take a commercial
from meh to amazing. “I love that I get to do lots of different things and every day is different. It
keeps things interesting,” said Jessica. “Every project has a unique set of challenges. One day
I’m figuring out how to film on a rowboat on the Mississippi and the next week I’m taking
precautions to minimize the amount of disruption filming inevitably causes to a college campus
so students and professors are not impacted,” Jessica explained.

Although Jessica makes it look easy, finding the perfect shot and creating a results-driven video
isn’t always the easiest process. One of Jessica’s gifts is her ability to combine advanced
camera work with great editing to create something truly unique for each client. “We are very
lucky to have the clients that we have. They let us be creative and take chances, which usually
results in some great content” said Jessica. “We’ve also had some really beautiful locations to
film, like shooting at sunrise on a farm, wildlife in the everglades and in iconic locations across
the country.

A Creative Life

If you spend any time with Jessica you’ll immediately gravitate to her boundless creativity and
artful soul. “We get to spend a lot of time with our clients when we are filming and I love that we
get to know each other really well” said Jessica. Always humble though, some may not know
that Jessica is also an accomplished artist in addition to her video skills. Featured in the halls of
Wrecking Crew Media are some of Jessica’s art works from abstract to experimental.

Over the last 17 years, Wrecking Crew Media has grown tremendously and we look forward to
seeing what the next 13 years hold for WCM. With people like Jessica leading the way, it will no
doubt be filled with stunning video content, lots of laughs and many air miles.

Stay tuned for our next edition and get to know more of the masterminds behind Wrecking Crew Media!