Our Studio, Our Gallery: Art through the Lens at WCM

Wrecking Crew has always had a love affair with art… it’s in our nature. Creative content is just that; we create and produce it, and we appreciate the work of others doing the same. In the past, WCM has hosted and curated gallery crawls from our previous spaces in the Cultural District, taking every opportunity to support local artists.
Our new space is no exception. When we moved to our current studio on Commercial Avenue in Aspinwall, we saw a fresh canvas in our new offices and set to work. Taking cues from art shows and galleries, we painted the space white to maintain a clean backdrop for our art. The first floor features several paintings by local artists, as well as pieces from local potter Sandra Moore.

Two of the featured paintings are the works of Connie Cantor, a Pittsburgh-based painter who works with abstract shapes and humanoid figures.

Two of the pieces are by our own senior editor/director Jessica Carter, who creates moody works with central color themes.

Hand-stained shelves bracket the fireplace, and are adorned with magnificent bowls and vases thrown by Sandra Moore. Ms. Moore works in earthy neutrals with pops of metallic, setting her pieces apart and on the line of both modern and natural. Above this central gathering area is a brilliantly colored piece by Richard Melvin.

The second and third floors are decorated with pieces by local photographer Kevin Nelson Dao who’s self-portrait work as a student really carved his path, and prints by Alabama-based printmaker Amos Kennedy.

We strived to make our space modern and clean, highlighting our appreciation for local art and culture. We hope you enjoy the WCM tour!