Why Apple’s new and improved iPhone video capture is good for your business, and ours.

The advent of social media has created another platform on which to brand your business – and the expanded need for creative content. Most of the time, this content needs produced quickly and updated frequently. Finding a low-cost option to share videos across social platforms just got a whole lot more efficient.

iPhone’s new camera settings can upgrade the look of phone-captured video, making it easy to share updates about your business across social platforms. Access this improved feature by going to Settings > Camera > Record Video and select the desired quality. On iPhone X and 8, options extend to 4k at 60 fps (frames per second), and even older models like the 6s or 7 allow 4k at 30fps. In non-technical terms, your flash content is going to look better for next to nothing.

For many of our clients, being able to produce their own “always on” video frees up their budget for other, more concentrated content needs. Campaigns, TV and other go-big projects require the right level of expertise and planning to convey your brand’s message.

If you were to consider creative content services in terms of construction, the metaphor would be simple. If a framed photo fell off the wall at home, you wouldn’t call a carpenter. But if you wanted an addition put on your home, you’d make the appropriate call.

When your business wants to share a behind-the-scenes look, a quick note, or brief event footage, the answer is already in your pocket. For those DIY pop projects, get your iPhone out for better video quality and a quick way to post to all of your social accounts.

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