FAQ Series: Why You Should Invest in Video

  1. Consumers are Demanding It
  2. Explains Complicated Subjects
  3. Builds Trust
  4. Improves SEO Rankings

Consumers Demand Video

Nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2021. And consumers are averaging watching almost 19 hours of video online per week! Marketers are following the trend to invest in video as they see video as a tool for increasing engagement, influencing purchase intent and increasing sales.

Video Can Simplify Subjects

Sometimes products and services aren’t easy to explain. That’s where an animated explainer video can save the day. Animated videos can be used to explain any subject, no matter how complex or how technical, in an entertaining way that could not be accomplished with live action video.

Video Builds Trust

One of the most critical aspects of moving someone down the sales cycle path is to build trust. Consumers are extremely adept at scouring the internet for reviews and spotting any brand inconsistencies. Video allows brands to tell their story and let’s consumers see and hear a brand’s passion. By seeing the people behind a brand, consumers often feel more connected and will view a brand as more trustworthy.

Video and SEO

Video can be a powerful tool for improving SEO rankings.   The chances of showing up first on Google search increases almost 53 times if video is part of a homepage design. Why? When Google shows a snipped of a video as part of their search results, it gets a higher click rate which feeds some of the other factors that Google uses to determine page rank. Websites with video keep visitors on their site for longer, thus increasing length of time spent on the site.

Wrecking Crew Media: Pittsburgh Video Production Agency

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million! Video combines audio, visual and text to create something that moves people to act. If you have decided to invest in video, let Wrecking Crew Media help. At Wrecking Crew Media, our focus is making impactful, results-driven video.